MODA SS photos by London based TWF fashion photographer – Barry Green

Moda’s annual event is the first choice for buyers sourcing the hottest new season collections. From international labels to the best of British design, the latest trends and live catwalk shows, Moda has everything you need for successful 2013 collections. This 3-day event covers womenswear, menswear, footwear, lingerie, swimwear and accessories. From haute couture by Gino Cerruti and others, to teenager casuals, here’s something for everyone, and this season FLIP was added to Moda’s line-up offering great products for retailers of young, urban and denim-based mens and womenswear.

Fashion photographer Barry Green was invited to attend MODA 2013 S/S exhibition and provided a Press Photographer pass for the purpose of illustrating and promoting daily catwalk shows. This post covers 25 separately themed scenes extraviganza, under three category headings – Evening & Occasionwear, Womenswear, Lingerie & swimwear. In all 1300 images – enough for every item on show.

View a selection of best images from MODA 2013 SS womenswear, evening and occasionwear and lingerie swimwear fashion shows. MODA 2013 Fashion shows

MODA SS 2013 Stark Contrast opening scene photography by Barry Green