MODA 2013 S/S Fashion Runways

Moda’s annual event is the first choice for buyers sourcing the hottest new season collections. From international labels to the best of British design, the latest trends and live catwalk shows, Moda – the largest UK industry trade fashion show has everything you need for autumn/winter seasons. The 3-day event covers womenswear, menswear, footwear, lingerie, swimwear and accessories. There’s something for everyone, and this season FLIP was added to Moda’s line-up offering great products for retailers of young, urban and denim-based mens and womenswear.

Fashion photographer Barry Green was invited to attend MODA 2013 S/S exhibition and provided a Press Photographer pass for the purpose of illustrating and promoting daily catwalk shows. This post covers 25 separately themed scenes extraviganza, under three category headings – Evening & Occasionwear, Womenswear,  Lingerie & swimwear. The noteable aspect of the MODA fashion shows were it’s  catwalk design and stage management by Production Element to showcase fashionwear, lingerie, swimwear, bags, accessories, shoes, headwear and jewellery in a perfectly stylist way.

View  1300 proof Evening/Occasion wear, daywear and swimsuit/lingerie images linked here, or a selection below.

MODA: Eveningwear and Occasionwear

Scene 1 Dynasty …… ( More & More headwear, Jewelcity brooches, Gaby’s necklaces, Leko London bags and Glamour N Glitz shoes )
Scene 2 Murek International …… ( Gaby’s necklaces, Dents gloves, LYDC shoes )
Scene 3 Tiffany Couture …… ( Glamour and Glitz shoes, Kidderminster shoes, Dents gloves and Rosa Red jewellery )
Scene 4 L’Atelier et MaScara …… ( LYDC footwear, Gaby’s necklaces, stylist own tiaras )
Scene 5 Alexia Designs …… ( Gaby’s jewellery, LYDC shoes, Glamour and Glitz shoes)
Scene 6 Ann Balon …… ( LYDC and Kidderminster shoes, stylists own headdresses and bracelets )
Scene 7 Tony Bowls …… ( LYDC shoes)
Scene 7 Mon Cheri Bridals …… ( Mon Cheri )
Scene 8 Gino Cerruti fashionwear …… ( LYDC shoes, Dents satin gloves, Gaby’s necklaces, Impulse earrings)

MODA: Womenswear

Scene 1 Anna Scott …… ( Sole City, Hobo, Bourbon, Dante, Gaby’s necklaces and LYDC shoes)
Scene 2 Steilmann …… ( Gaby’s, Smith & Canova and Leko London )
Scene 3 Passport …… ( Scholl footware, Sole City, Hobo, Impulse earrings and Makki bags)
Scene 4 Libra …… ( SSP hats, LYDC shoes, stylists own scarves and sunglasses )
Scene 5 Jackpot …… ( Rocket Dog, Jewelcity, and Amazonas sandals )
Scene 6 Hauber …… ( LYDC shoes and Handbags, Scholl footware and Jewelcity brooches)
Scene 7 Carol C Collection …… ( Rocket Dog, Pasha)
Scene 8 James Lakeland fashionwear …… ( Suzie Blue and Iron Fist )

MODA: Lingerie and Swimwear

Scene 1 Stark Contrast …… ( Glamour N Glitz, Legware International, Kiss Me Deadly, Maison Close lingerie, Epure Lise Carmel, Silhouette, Playful Promises, Passionate, Chantelle, Princess Tam Tam, Alterego)
Scene 2 In The Garden …… ( Lingadore, Miss Mandalay, Cleo by Panache, Dominyha, Danielle, Gossard, Dita, Hannah, Affinitas)
Scene 3 Aristocrat …… ( Glamour N Glitz, Patricia of Finland, Giada, Fauve, Freys, Fantasie, Panache, Maison Close, Bestform, Aquasculpting, Dita, Bestform, Mey, Demi, After Eden)
Scene 4 Universal Pink …… ( LYDC, Legware International, Banana Moon, Paolita fashion swimwear, Carizzi, Piha, Nikki Cook, Naturana, Zoggs, Dita, Maryan Melhorn, Hannah)
Scene 5 Urban Silhouette …… ( SSP hats, Legware Int’l, Azura swimwear, Jantzan, Jamu Australia, Roa Faia Beautiful, Moontide, Skinny, Speedo, Hannah )
Scene 6 Sorbet …… ( LYDC, Wacoal bra and pants, Tempt’d, Damaris, Lepel, Chamos, Affinitas Intimates, Lorna Drew Nursing lingerie, Jayley Collections, DKNY, Hannah)
Scene 7 Cleopatra’s Garden …… ( Gaby’s Glamour N Glitz, Ted Baker, Tessi by Roidal, Watercult, Eva, Seafolly, David Swimwear, Dita, After Eden)
Scene 8 Lace Collage …… ( LYDC, Ellipse lingerie by Cherry Blushes, Touche Lingerie, Eberjay, Princess Tam Tam, Patricia of Finland, Gaby’s, Charnos, Lepel, Maison Lejaby, Dita)
Scene 9 Indian Summer …… ( Antigel Swimwear by Lisa Charmel, Desalai, God Save The Queen Alba Associates, Moontide, Lingadore Beach, Playful Promis, Cyell )